Top Basketball Leagues to Bet on with 1xbit1.com

The online 1xbit1 casino offers slots, live games, and sports betting. While enjoying the possibility to bet on a variety of sports disciplines, bettors still consider basketball to be one of their favorites.


Well-known Leagues

The leagues described below enjoy the highest popularity among bettors

  • NBA. It has been recognized as one of the most famous and prestigious leagues around the world. It is a professional basketball tournament in the United States and Canada. It gets the best athletes, regardless of their country of residence. NBA has a serious impact on the global development of basketball, so bettors and bookmakers follow events associated with it closely. The league is considered strong due to its competitive nature, well-thought-out tactics of matches, and cooperation with the best athletes. It also participates in the organization of international matches.
  • NCAA. This is the American Youth League. It is a place to begin a sports career in basketball. The tournament is structured differently from the professional leagues with a long season marathon. Every game is important in college basketball. Teams try to win often and prevent unexpected defeats. Even one unsuccessful match can make a team forget about making it to the playoffs, so basketball players do their best. NCAA appeals to bettors with unexpected outcomes, and also every young athlete can demonstrate their skills at a good level.
  • Euroleague. It is associated with European basketball. The league consists of the best teams from different countries. Basketball players compete at a high level.

These are the 3 leagues that have a dramatic impact on sports in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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What Do Bettors Usually Choose?

The NBA and Euroleague deserve the most attention. At the same time, the risks of unsuccessful bets increase if you choose the matches of farm clubs, as the results of events can be contractual. Youth tournaments are not recommended because young basketball players have unstable results and it is difficult for bettors to figure out regularities in statistics.

The bookmaker’s customers can bet on the most famous leagues, as well as national ones. Some of the strongest countries are the USA, Spain, Australia, and Canada.

When betting on basketball, it is recommended to take into account the following tips:

  • Limits and odds. European championships and cups tend to have low odds. This is due to the fact that basketball competitions in this part of the world are not very popular, so the best athletes normally do not take part in them.
  • Lineup. There are numerous types of bets offered for the NBA. This is not the case with most of the leagues and championships. Usually, bettors predict the winning team, handicap, or total.
  • Matches with equal chances. This strategy assumes that both teams have the same probability of winning in the match. In this case, special attention is paid to choosing the league, for instance, it can be the lowest league, semi-professional, or the highest one. The league determines the strength of the athletes in the squad.

International basketball tournaments and NBA games deserve the most attention. 

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